Secure and HIPAA Compliant Patient Photos & Video

Protect yourself and your patients

By using the Celo secure library to store all confidential media, you are protecting yourself and your patient's data. In the event of losing your device all the data will be secure in the Celo network and not in your local files.


In-app camera

Capture patient photos in-app or import them from your personal library to keep them from cluttering your phone. Easily share them with your colleagues.


Consents and Documents

Easily capture signed consent completely within the app and attach to your photos and documents.


HIPAA-compliant communication

HIPAA Compliant Chat

Message your colleagues without having to share your personal phone number or email address.

Customizable Groups

Keep your team updated with custom groups. With Celo you can see exactly who in your team has read your messages.

Patient Cases

Create a patient case when discussing a patient as a team. Send patient photos, documents and discuss information in a dedicated and secure environment.

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